Grains of Sand

Who I am is with you.

Who I’ve been is with you. 

Every piece of myself I had, I gave to you. 

Here, on these beaches. 

I know that even once it hits and the sky goes black, the blue will remain. Turquoise waters and cloudless skies in your eyes that I’ll never forget. You made me who I am, and I can never be anyone else. When the waters surge, our passion lives on. Memories of us, tangled in the villa’s bedsheets, full of ecstasy, full of love, knowing that we are each others’ in that moment and all the rest that come after. Ebony skin in pale moonlight.

You didn’t ignore our fate, sometimes I woke up softly, seeing your silhouette on the balcony while waves rose and fell below. I know you were thinking about it, but I knew talking about it wasn’t what you wanted, so I left it alone. When you came back to bed, I always held on tighter. Inevitability never dragged me down the way it did for you, so I floated enough for the both of us, on warm waves and perfect days. Saving you the way you saved me.

And then, all at once and too slowly to notice, it happens. The last grains of sand fall to oblivion in the world’s hourglass. The ocean breeze soft against our faces on the last night on the shore, your cheek silk on mine as we lay on sand, we wait silently. There’s nothing else to say that we haven’t already said, don’t already know. The resort is a shadow without our presence. A spectacular sunset of reds, purples, blues, whispers across the horizon slowly, before rapidly unveiling the ultimate display. You hold me in your arms, I hold you in mine, we hold each other. Together, we are strong enough to hold on and never let go. Even as winds of fire overtake the world, we stay, on the beach. We stay together in our memories, in our present, in our past, in all our possible futures. Ours, all of it, as destruction takes everything away. Still, we hold on.

We live and die.

Here, on these beaches.


I love you so much.

Published by northernloss

I like music. And hiking. And......writing.

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