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Praying for Rain

Not praying, no. This is just wanting. And waiting. Pray for rain under slate skies. Pray for rain as you scream it isn’t fair into the empty car—not for yourself to hear, not for the world to hear, not for anything or anyone to listen to or acknowledge—in a desperate and childish rebellion, raging against…

Grains of Sand

Who I am is with you. Who I’ve been is with you.  Every piece of myself I had, I gave to you.  Here, on these beaches.  I know that even once it hits and the sky goes black, the blue will remain. Turquoise waters and cloudless skies in your eyes that I’ll never forget. You…

Florida, 2019

The sea is not my home. The coast is not my home. These Palmettos and agaves, the Spanish moss and dry grass, are not my plants. They’re beautiful. But they’re not mine. In my dreams, the towering pines, edifices to nature’s strength despite seasonal fires and sandy soil, are comforting. Light filters through their high…

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