in the wind

sometimes I still see you out there

on those fall nights when everyone else is asleep

when the air is cold and a crisp wind stirs loose leaves

below my window. waiting, in the dark

please come home

please come home

please come home.

The posters will become rain-soaked, torn from phone poles, laid to rest in dark culverts

the only bodies we can find.

I feel you on these nights

and I miss you so much

and I miss your laugh in my ears

and I miss your smile in the sun

and I miss your hand in mine

I don’t think you’re coming home anymore

I’m so sorry.

We tried, we searched so long, I tried for you

Leaves and paper and ink, copies of photos and writing, decompose as one

Wherever you are

wherever you lay

i hope you are peaceful.

i hope it was fast.

i love you so much.

wind blows softly

I close the blinds.

Published by northernloss

I like music. And hiking. And......writing.

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